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Certified responsible manufactures producing only the highest quality products, in concert with nature, and delivered direct to consumer.

Premium Product Line

Our clients take comfort in knowing that the entire product line is produced with the purest, cleanest, and minimally processed ingredients available... and all pruducts are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Responsibly Sourced

Stringent in-house quality control and third-party validation guarantee safety and compliance with regulations as well as consistent conformance to quality standards.

Ethically Manufactured

Products are guaranteed to always be Gluten Free, Cruelty Free and Dairy Free. Produced from the highest quality All Natural Non-GMO Plant Based ingredients.

Safely Delivered

Not available in stores, products are ordered direct from manufacture, or through helpful Independant Consultants, and safely delivered straight to your door.

I'm Daniel Whelan and I help ordinary people improve their health and wellness through transitioning to more fulfilling lifestyles.

Endeavor Naturals is about finding a new paths forward. The paths we choose will be our own, but having the option to choose is critical if we're goingto make major life transitions. 

We do not have to fill our bodies with toxins. We are not required to spend our lives dragging other people's stones in order to simply exist. These are choices, but we're choosing from a very limited range of options.

Endeavor expands our options.

Daniel Whelan

The Health and Wellness Industry is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth!

We are looking for highly motivated people to follow the exact proven success system our Independant Consultants employ to supercharge our distribution networks with online marketing.

High Demand Consumable Products

No need to chase your clients around for sales and reorders, they'll reorder directly from the manufacture, or simply phone you when they run out of their favorite products.

Make Your Own Schedule

You'll be in complete control of your schedule. Work when you want, for as long as you want. Full time or part time, you have the flexiblity to easily manage your family and busy life.

Unlimited Earning Potential

A unique compensation model enables you to earn commission in seven different ways, and earnings are never capped. Imagine the amount of money you'd like to be earning... write that number down.


Endeavor Naturals is a health and wellness distribution business wholly owned and operated by Daniel Whelan.


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